21 May 2018

National Honor for My IPMS/Gateway PR Work

While riding back to St. Louis from Branson late Saturday afternoon (19 May), I checked my Facebook feed and read of some great news. It was a posting from the Missouri Professional Communicators (MPC) (http://www.mpc-nfpw.org/cpsiteframepage.lasso?-token.lpuserref=113815.113118) regarding the Communications Contest by the National Federation of Press Women (NFPW) (https://www.nfpw.org/), of which MPC is an affiliate. Seven MPC members, whose entries won first place in various categories in the MPC contest, placed in the NFPW contest.

One of those who placed was yours truly. My press release "Gateway Chapter IPMS Donates $661 to Toys for Tots" took third place in Category 48--News or feature release-single release. This was done on a volunteer basis for the Gateway Chapter of the International Plastic Modelers' Society (http://www.ipms-gateway.com/) (https://www.facebook.com/IPMSGateway/). The award is the first national level honor I have received for my professional work, and I am so pleased to be recognized by the NPFW for my work. This recognition should be of much help as I seek full time opportunities in the communications field.

I also salute my MPC colleagues were were also honored last week: Emily Klein, Deborah Reinhardt, Susan Fadem, Kathie Sutin, Suzanne Corbett, and Alice Handelman. My congratulations to them all. The awards will be handed out at the NFPW Conference this September in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


20 May 2018

Scale Model Contests in St. Louis and Branson

Last Tuesday (15 May), I came straight from work to Calvary Presbyterian Church (http://calvarypresbyterianchurch.org/) to help run this month's IPMS/Gateway (http://www.ipms-gateway.com/) (https://www.facebook.com/IPMSGateway/) meeting. It featured the second Model of the Year contest of this year, with the Special Category of Crazy Eights. That is, the subject has an eight (8) in its name or designation. I built a 1:72 scale model of the German 88mm Flak 18 anti-aircraft gun for this contest. It wasn't much and it didn't get many serious looks in the contest, but at least I earned the two points (one for entering in a category, another for entering in the Special Category). We had a good turnout of models: 28 total, with 18 in Crazy Eights.

Also at the meeting, Rick Keasey gave his demo on painting figure heads. This was delayed from last month, when a family matter kept Keasey from being at the April meeting. It was quite an interesting demo, especially as Keasey has won awards at recent contests for his figures.

Early yesterday morning (19 May)--as in 4 am--I was at Marion Morris' house in Maplewood, soon joined by clubmates Jim Triola and Don Will. The four of us got into Marion's minivan and soon we were off on the road to Branson, Missouri, where IPMS/Missouri Ozarks Scale Specialists (http://ipmsmoss.com/) was holding its annual show, MOSS CON. This year's event--held at the Branson Convention Center (http://www.bransoncc.com/)--also served as the IPMS Region 5 Contest. After a breakfast stop in Rolla, we made it to Branson just after 8 am. We waiting at the Convention Center until the show opened at 8:30, where I entered two models--the 1:72 scale 88mm Flak 18 and a 1:72 F4F-4 Wildcat--in the contest. Neither won any awards in the contest, but at least I entered in it and that's the important part.

There were 195 models from 42 entrants in the contest at MOSS CON. IPMS/Gateway sponsored the Junior (Ages 12 to 17) category in the contest.

The four of us had a good time at the show, including hanging out with Mike Bobela of IPMS/West Central Missouri (http://ipmswcmo.webs.com/) and his wife. We ate lunch at Famous Dave's restaurant (https://www.famousdaves.com/) at Branson Landing (http://www.bransonlanding.com/), just a short walk fro the Convention Center. We all enjoyed a great barbecue lunch and wonderful conversation.

I won one kit (a 1:72 scale Ju 88C) in the show's raffle, and bought a few items from the vendors present. Late that afternoon, as the contest awards were presented, we four left the venue to head home. After a stop for fuel and refreshments in Rolla, we made it back to Marion's house early that night. It was a fun trip and I look forward to more such trips in the future.


17 May 2018

Helping Circus Flora End Its Season Right

Last weekend (12-13 May), I volunteered for the final 2018 performances of "The Case of the Missing Bellhop" at Circus Flora (https://circusflora.org/). After helping clean seats both nights, I acted as an usher and was able to watch the show. Afterward, I helped pick up the trash. I stayed around after Sunday's show to help take down some of the decorations outside the Big Top. This was most appreciated by the House Manager, Harald Boerstler.

This year's show was fun as usual and filled with great characters and acts. They included: Cecil MacKinnon, the theater director who played Yo-Yo, the Narrator; Amy G (https://www.amy-gordon.com), who played Detective Gordon, a character who investigated mysteries, sang in a lounge, and roller skated atop a desk; the Alanian Riders (https://alanianriders.weebly.com/), a thrilling Cossack horse riding act; acrobatics from Circus Harmony's St. Louis Arches (http://circusharmony.org/); Cuzin Grumpy and the Pork Chop Review (http://www.porkchoprevue.com/untitled), a troop of pigs; Jayson Dominguez with the Wheel of Destiny (https://www.facebook.com/Wheel-of-death-dominguez-jayson-1622632061318077/); high wire artistry with the Flying Wallendas (http://www.wallenda.com/family.html); swinging trapeze artist Rachel Karabenick (http://www.rachelkarabenick.com/); Swing Up, a wall trampoline act; and Adam Kuchler (http://www.adamkuchler.com/) as the Bellhop.

Overall, a great time helping out Circus Flora again this year. Looking forward to doing so again next year.


12 May 2018

Catching Up: Soccer, Circus, Books, Aviation

I've been so busy and tired the past two weeks since I last posted here.I will do my best to get caught up.

I ran lines on two under 15 St. Louis Youth Soccer Association (https://www.slysa.org/home) matches at Kolping Fields in south St. Louis County. They went well.

Work the past two weeks has been busy, but well. This past Tuesday (8 May) was assistant manager Miranda's last day at Ellisville, as she moved down the street to become manager of our Ballwin branch.

I chipped in to support some worth causes on Give STL Day (https://www.givestlday.org/index.php) on 2 May. This year, I contributed to: St. Louis Public Radio (http://news.stlpublicradio.org/), St. Louis Artists' Guild (https://www.stlouisartistsguild.org/), Missouri Aviation Historical Society (https://moavhist.org/), Cinema St. Louis (http://www.cinemastlouis.org/), Circus Flora (http://circusflora.org/), Needy Paws Rescue (http://www.needypaws.org/), Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri (https://www.plannedparenthood.org/planned-parenthood-st-louis-region-southwest-missouri), and Viva Brasil STL (https://www.vivabrasilstl.org/).

I saw my dentist a week ago Thursday (3 May) for my semi-annual checkup. No issues.

That night, I continued my volunteer stint with Circus Flora. After the show last Sunday night, I joined with other volunteers for a party in the ring. After posing for a group picture, we enjoyed a buffet dinner with fried chicken, along with some conversation among ourselves and the performers. A very nice night.

Circus Flora's show "The Case of the Missing Bellhop" ends this weekend, and I'l be helping on the last two shows: Tonight and tomorrow night.

Last Saturday, I pulled a double volunteer shift at the Greater St. Louis Book Fair (http://stlouisbookfair.org/), which was held at the Greensfelder Recreation Complex at Queeny Park (https://www.stlouisco.com/parksandrecreation/recreationcomplexes/greensfelderrecreationcomplexinqueenypark). I helped customers in the morning shift, and was a cashier in the afternoon. In between, I did buy a few books there and got lunch. A very nice bit of help for various literacy and childcare causes.

Right after my last shift at the Book Fair, I headed to Toyota Stadium of World Wide Technology Soccer Park for Saint Louis FC's (https://www.saintlouisfc.com/) match against Portland Timbers II. Despite the cheers I and my fellow St. Louligans (http://stlouligans.com/) made, the match ended in a scoreless draw.

The next morning, I was back at World Wide Technology Soccer Park, this time to officiate under 12 girls matches in the Premier League (http://slsgsoccer.com/slsg-missouri/leagues/premier-league-2006-2009). All three matches--including my middle--went very well.

Off work on Thursday (10 May), I finished editing this month's issue of The Arch Scaler News for IPMS/Gateway (http://www.ipms-gateway.com/) (https://www.facebook.com/IPMSGateway/). I got it distributed via email and US Mail that afternoon. That night, I was at Creve Coeur Airport (http://crevecoeurairport.com/) for the Missouri Aviation Historical Society meeting. I was there to help distribute name tags and make sure members and guests signed in. A big crowd (about 80) took in a panel discussion on the 60th anniversary of the McDonnell F-4 Phantom II's first flight. This program was most interesting.

I have been working on a model I should have ready for next week's IPMS/Gateway meeting and the IPMS Region 5 Contest, MOSS CON (http://ipmsmoss.com/), in Branson, Missouri.


28 April 2018

Working Hard, Witnessing Living History

This past week has been quite good at the rental branch. Our assistant manager Miranda has been off on vacation this past week, but the rest of us have stepped up to keep things going so well.

Home on Thursday (26 April), I helped mom with her new lawn mower, which she bought the day before. (The previous one had engine damage that was impossible to repair.) After trying to get everything set up, I was able to mow the front lawn with the new mower. It worked out very well.

I was back at Circus Flora (http://circusflora.org/) Thursday night for another volunteer shift. We had a very nice crowd for the show.

After a full day of work yesterday, I relaxed at home that night. This morning, though, I was at Jefferson Barracks County Park (https://www.stlouisco.com/parksandrecreation/parkpages/jeffersonbarracks) for World War II Weekend (https://www.facebook.com/events/2047820755453633/), a living history event this weekend. Reinactors of German, US, British, Canadian, and Soviet troops camped at the park--complete with authentic uniforms, arms, equipment, and accessories. I saw a skirmish involving the Germans and Americans, with troops shooting blanks while giving visitors a feel for World War II small unit combat. It is quite a nice event and rather appropriate it is being held at a former military post.