29 January 2015

Good Weather Times Won't Last

We've had some very mild, and even unseasonably warm, weather of late. However, it looks like it will be snowy from this Saturday night. Best to enjoy the good weather while I can.

My mouth is fine after that tooth extraction of the previous week. Still getting used to no tooth in that space in my mouth, but I'll persevere.

Work has been good. I've been doing my part to keep things going great at our branch. That included work this past Saturday morning (24 January).

After work Tuesday night (27 January), I was at Marion Morris' house in Maplewood for the IPMS/Gateway business meeting. We got the next month's general and business meetings planned, and discussed some other club business. A rather productive meeting, I think.

Got in a bit of proofreading work Wednesday after work, as I proofread a two-page newsletter a friend was editing. It looked good and I let her know right away.

On my off day from work today, I typed up and distributed the minutes from Tuesday's meeting, and also finished writing and sending to The Arch Scaler News (IPMS/Gateway's newsletter) an article for publication.

This weekend should be real interesting, even before the snow fall hits. More on that next time.