18 May 2013

Busy Week!

Nice to have some time to post this item on my blog today. I'm refereeing youth soccer tonight and tomorrow morning-early afternoon.

This past week was a busy one for me at work. My vehicle service work at the car rental firm ran for all days and hours this week. Yes, I pulled full work days (10 hours, with one hour for lunch) Monday through Friday, plus just over four hours this morning. I got though that week with my determination and effort. Overall, things are going well at our branch. We're adding a new vehicle service person starting this Monday, so I'll show that person the ropes. That would help take quite a work load off me. However, my bank account won't complain about this past week.

Last weekend (11-12 May), I had soccer games I officiated, and it was a busy weekend as well. Last Saturday, I had four small sided games (three 8v8 contests, then a 9v9 match) at the Soccer Park. The two referees I worked with had done games earlier that day, so they asked me to do the middle on all four matches. I was scheduled just for two middles, but I did get through all four in the middle and the games went fine. The next afternoon, at St. Louis U. High, I had three under 14 boys games. I worked the middle in the first match, which went pretty good, then ran lines on the others. By the time the final match was played, I was ready to be done--that's how tired I was from that weekend's games.

Yes, I remembered Mom on Mother's Day last Sunday (12 May), and on her birthday today, and remembered Dad on his birthday last Tuesday (14 May). You could say my parents were born 16 years and 4 days apart.