17 July 2013

Hot Times

It's still plenty hot here in St. Louis of late. Temperatures were hitting the mid-90s F with heat indices topping 100 degrees F (38 degrees C). Best to stay in an air-conditioned space as much as possible.

Work is still going well at the car rental firm, although the hot weather does make me sweat a lot (and make me drink plenty of water). I did work last Saturday morning (13 July) and that was fine. That afternoon, I was at the St. Louis County Library Headquarters in Frontenac for the STL Aspies Meetup group meeting. We had about 12 people there, including at least two first-time visitors. We discussed how our lives were going and touched about the group's direction in the near future. Several of us then went to nearby Panera Bread for supper.

The previous night (12 July), I was to have met up with people from another Meetup group in Maplewood, during the town's Let Them Eat Art festival. However, I could not find my group at the appointed time and place and I left that place about about 30 minutes. Then, I cruised the festival for awhile before going home. A real letdown.

Last night (16 July), right after work, I was at Calvary Presbyterian Church for the IPMS/Gateway meeting. This meeting featured the annual Slam Fest, where participants had two hours to assemble and finish a model. I and nine others did so and our works were judged by the attendees, with the top three vote getters earning gift certificates. I didn't place with my entry--a 1:72 scale F4F-3 Wildcat--but I gave it a good shot. I'll be with the club this weekend at Gateway Motorsports Park for Fun Ford Weekend. We're doing a Make & Take there. More on that in my next post here.

This afternoon, I got the two front tires on my Corolla replaced, as both had badly worn treads. I had the tires replaced, along with balancing and alignment, all done within an hour at a reasonable price. That's one less thing for me to worry about.