27 February 2014

A Winner at Trivia

Last Thursday night (20 Feb.) saw me at Creve Coeur Airport for the monthly Missouri Aviation Historical Society meeting. We had former Air Force, Lockheed, and TWA pilot George Andre speaking this month about his extensive flying career, which I found most interesting.

The next night, right after work, I was at Andre's in Oakville for the Mehlville-Oakville Alumni Association (MOAA) trivia night, which benefitted the MOAA's scholarship program and operations. I was at a table with eight other players, of whom only two I knew: Paul Trelford and his wife Laura, both fellow Mehlville 1982 grads and neighbors. We were one of 30 table playing the game and we finished the night on top, winning the night with a score of 92 out of a possible 100 correct. The ten sets of questions covered: Presidential Trivia; Best Picture Oscar winners; Flags of the World (with visual clues); Las Vegas; Twin Trivia (answers were about various twins); Famous First Lines of novels; Actors and The Characters They Played in movies; TV Show Theme Songs (audio clues); Directional Trivia (answers had at least one direction of the compass); and, Late Night Trivia (late night TV shows). We at our table each won our $25 entry fee back as a prize for the top score on the night. It was fun and I was very happy to help out.

Sunday afternoon (23 Feb.) marked my first refereeing assignments since last fall, due to my bout with tendonitis. I refereed four youth futsal games at the C4 Complex at Creve Coeur Racquet Club, and this was the final match day of the season. I had an under 12 boys game, an under 12 girls game, and two under 13 boys games. The first two were blowouts, but the other two were reasonably close. I was worried about being rusty in my refereeing, but the games went well and I was happy, if a bit sore in my right heel.

Work has been going well, with plenty to do. At least the weather hasn't been too bad this week, although the start of next week doesn't seem so hospitable.

I hosted the IPMS/Gateway business meeting on Tuesday night (25 Feb.), in which the club's board planned the March general meeting and discussed some club business. Everyone there seemed to have enjoyed my hospitality.

Last night after work, I made sure I did not forget my brother Rick's birthday, by sending him an amazon.com gift card and calling him up. The gift card was in response to the one he sent me for my birthday earlier this month.