20 March 2014

Frantic Days

I had a pretty nice weekend. Nothing much going on. Just as well, since I was coming off a busy week at work. Saturday afternoon (15 March), I did make the trip to Duchesne Bar and Grill in St. Charles, Missouri for a couple of beers. That, and seeing the bartender that afternoon, my high school classmate and friend Debbie Allred (nee Bond), who I have not seen since graduating from Mehlville High. We got caught up on each other's lives and I admired her superb work behind the bar. Debbie and I may touch base soon.

A lot of business at the car rental branch this past week, and that meant a lot of work for me. Monday (17 March) was particularly busy, especially in the morning, with many vehicles to clean up and get ready for rental at our branch or satellite locations. (One of my fellow car preps was out sick, so we were a bit shorthanded.) However, we got through this and this week has been real good overall.

Right after work Tuesday night, it was off to Calvary Presbyterian Church for the IPMS/Gateway meeting. We had a nice meeting, with a demo on seam filling (getting into scale modeling's seamier side), and our monthly Beauty Contest. After opening up the meeting room and getting it set up, I took notes as club secretary for the minutes.

Off work today, I took my Corolla in for a maintenance check at Weiss Toyota. They rotated the tires and gave my car a once over. It's running great, with no urgent maintenance needs.

Earlier this past week, I was really feeling down. I wondered if things were really going to work out for me in my life--particularly my career and my non-existent love life. Several friends assured me I am still on the right track, that things will pick up for me in those areas soon. I sure hope so.