25 February 2016

Warm, Then Snowy

Last Thursday night (18 February), I attended the Missouri Aviation Historical Society (MOAHS) (http://moavhist.org/) meeting at Creve Coeur Airport (http://www.crevecoeurairport.com/). The featured speaker was Paul Segura of Boeing, who spoke about the company's 100th anniversary this year, which included info on the founders of Boeing's Legacy Companies (Boeing, Douglas, North American, and McDonnell). He also spoke about the 50th anniversary this month of the aircraft crash at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport that killed the Gemini IX prime crew. A fascinating program. (Boeing's 100th anniversary website is: http://www.boeing.com/boeing100/.) I also gave an update to the MOAHS president and vice president on the journal, Middle Marker, which I'm editing and should come out in a couple of weeks.

Work has been going great of late. Our branch has been doing a great job exceeding customer expectations, as reflected in our high customer satisfaction score. We were going to have a happy hour after work yesterday to celebrate this feat, but weather postponed it until next week. Speaking of weather, it got very nice on Saturday (20 February), reaching 70 degrees F (21 degrees C).

Sunday, my mom assisted me in straightened out my scale modeling workbench area, removing trash and reorganizing tools and supplies. I also was able to find a missing part on my ship model and finished the cruiser Prinz Eugen, which I then placed in my display case.

Back at work on Monday morning (22 February), the work week started off strong. The weather was another story, as we got some wet snow--up to 3 inches (7.6 cm) in Ellisville--early yesterday morning. It was a rough commute (about 45 minutes in my case, instead of the standard 30 minutes), but I got there safely and so did my colleagues. We got the snow cleaned off the cars and the sidewalk in front of our branch. Although a few reservations were cancelled, we got our customers taken care of and things proceeded well. The drive home was better, in that much of the snow melted off the roads, thanks to warmer weather that afternoon.

The night before (23 February), I grabbed some dinner at Jack in the Box (http://www.jackinthebox.com/) in Mehlville before driving to Bill Wagner's house in Oakville for the IPMS/Gateway (http://www.ipms-gateway.com/) business meeting. It went well and we planned our March general and business meetings.

Today, I took my Corolla to Firestone Complete Auto Care (http://www.firestonecompleteautocare.com/) in Mehlville. There, the car's transmission fluid was changed, and a heat shield on the under body was bolted back into place. (It was jolted out of place a week ago.) So far, the car's running well. I also had coffee and cake at Starbucks (http://www.starbucks.com/), did my laundry, and worked some more on Middle Marker.