16 January 2014

Learning to Say No

Last Thursday night (9 Jan.), I was at Shameless Grounds in St. Louis' Benton Park neighborhood for a workshop put on by Sex Positive St. Louis. I was on how to say no to a partner or potential partner in a good way. About 36 of us were there and we took turns asking people of the opposite sex questions of an intimate form and each time we were to say no in whatever way we thought best. It took me a bit of time to catch on, but by the end of this exercise (about 1 1/2 hours), I found myself really enjoying this activity. I hope this can be put to good use soon.

Saturday was a socializing time, with back-to-back-to-back events. It started in mid-afternoon in Ballwin, when my one rental car branch colleague hosted our branch mates and their significant others for a reception. It was nice, not too loud, although being without a date did make it awkward for me. We then headed to Spazio in the Westport area for our firm's area party. That was much louder for my taste and I did not really feel happy there. Still, it was interesting to chat with some colleagues I worked with at my branch who are now at other branches.

After that, I was off to Vincenzo's Restaurant in Ferguson, Mo. for the IPMS/Gateway banquet. That was a very nice affair, with about 25 of us in the restaurant's private room. After a nice Italian dinner, we heard from the president of the Jefferson Barracks POW-MIA Museum, who spoke about his museum and how our club's displays there during the museum's dedication last spring were a hit with visitors. The club also presented a pair of awards. Overall, a very nice time for me.

Work has been going well, helping make sure our customers are taken care of in an excellent manner. Since I'm working this Saturday morning, I worked a shortened day last Tuesday (14 Jan.), coming in late that morning. The improving weather during the week was most welcome, as virtually all of the snow we got the week before has melted.

Today is my off day, and I saw my podiatrist this morning. He had good news that my tendonitis has gotten much better and that I should be fine. No need to see him, he said, unless it really flares up, and surgery is needed (although he emphasized that is a remote possibility right now). Getting my laundry done, and taking care of some other household chores. Off to a Meetup in downtown St. Louis tonight.