09 March 2017

Work and Seeing Scale Models

Work has gone well this week, with Monday (6 March) very busy as usual. We had busy and slow stretches on Tuesday and Wednesday. Bottom Line: We had our customers completely satisfied and we had a sense of accomplishment.

After work Tuesday night, I traveled to Mark Twain Hobby Center (https://www.hobby1.com/) for the Mark Twain Hobby Club (formerly IPMS/St. Louis) meeting. They had about 40 people there, crammed into the meeting room, to see a presentation on World War II US Army combat uniforms, with a PowerPoint display along with actual uniforms from the period. It was a most interesting presentation. I showed off the two models I completed last month and plugged this September's IPMS/Gateway (http://www.ipms-gateway.com/) Invitational.

My off day today started with a trip to Jiffy Lube (https://www.jiffylube.com/) to get my Corolla's oil changed. I also had the tires rotated and the fuel system cleaned there. I then went to St. Louis Bread Co. (https://www.panerabread.com/en-us/home.html) for a coffee and pastry. After that, I walked to the nearby Great Clips (http://www.greatclips.com/) to get my hair cut. My hair was overdue by about two weeks for a cut, and I was so glad that my hair is at a much better length for me.

I did my laundry at home and waited for a phone call. I was supposed to be interviewed by phone for a part-time, volunteer position, but the interviewed forgot about it and we'll try it again this Saturday.


05 March 2017

Doughnuts, Futsal, Oscars, and Soccer

A week ago Friday morning (24 February), I stopped by Krispy Kreme (http://krispykreme.com/) in Fenton to buy 12 doughnuts, which I brought to the car rental branch. As usual, the treats were much appreciated by the staff. We had plenty of work to do on that Friday, but we got it done to get out just after closing time.

My quiet weekend that followed ended with futsal games at Competitive Courts & Conditioning Center (C4) in Creve Coeur (http://www.c4stl.com/). It was my first matches I refereed in the season, and they were on the last day of the season. Anyway, my partner and I had three matches, with the last two (one of under 15 boys, and the last of high school boys) being most competitive. It was a satisfying shift.

After stopping at McDonald's in Des Peres for dinner on the way home, I watched the Academy Awards (http://oscar.go.com/) on television in my bedroom. As usual, I was intrigued as to who would receive what Oscar. I was shocked as virtually everyone when the Best Picture winner was originally announced as "La La Land," then having that swiftly corrected to "Limelight," I haven't seen any of these movies yet, but I hope to see them before too long.

That Sunday morning, I registered to attend this year's International Plastic Modelers' Society/USA (IPMS/USA) National Convention this July in Omaha, Nebraska (http://www.ipmsusa2017.com/). I am greatly looking forward to this event.

Work this past week has gone very well. Plenty to work on those days I'm in, but with my colleagues I got it done and kept our customers satisfied.

I flexed out Tuesday afternoon (28 February) as I would work the following Saturday morning. After some time relaxing and having dinner at home, I headed to Bill Wagner's house in Oakville for this month's IPMS/Gateway (http://www.ipms-gateway.com/) business meeting. We planned the March general and business meetings, and discussed some other club business.

I did some work during my free time this past week to get some materials together for my income taxes. I need to get on to that soon.

After work yesterday morning, I had lunch at Olive Street Cafe (http://olivestreetcafe.com/) in Ellisville. There, I enjoyed a Muffalata with a side of onion rings. Before returning home from lunch, I washed my car at Martian Car Wash (http://www.martiancarwash.com/), also in Ellisville.

This afternoon found me at World Wide Technology Soccer Park (http://saintlouisfc.com/soccerpark) in Fenton to referee my first outdoor matches of the spring season. I worked four under 12 9v9 boys matches on a small-sided field. Our crew was short one person, as that person failed to show up. (I let my assigner knew of this matter.) Fortunately for my partner and I, the games were not too much trouble for us.

Back to work in the morning. Later.