17 April 2014

Dealing with Rain and Gremlins

I put in a shift Saturday morning (12 April) at work, filling in for a colleague who recently had a hand operation. It was plenty busy, but we got our customers taken care of with no problems. I'm working my regularly scheduled shift this Saturday. Work has been going well.

We got some rain here on Sunday morning. It was enough to cancel the soccer games I was to have refereed that afternoon. We're off this Sunday due to Easter, but have some next Sunday.

Right after work Tuesday (15 April), I helped get the meeting room set up at Calvary Presbyterian Church for the IPMS/Gateway meeting. This meeting had the monthly beauty contest (a good turnout; 23 models entered), plus a tutorial on car modeling. Good time there, although I was rather tired afterward!

Today, I had to deal with some gremlins in my computer. I received in the mail yesterday the replacement disc for my Windows software, to replace that on my computer that was corrupted. I installed the replacement Windows on my computer; however, it wiped out my files there and I had to download a network adapter to access the Internet. I started to access the cloud backup, but it was very slow going to download that onto my computer! Now, I can scan and that was what I really wanted done. Now, I just have to make sure I can get all my e-mail contacts, website favorites, etc. on my computer.

My brother Doug is coming to town tomorrow for a few days. He may be able to help me with my computer issues.