27 September 2012

Some Happiness and Disappointment

Last Thursday (20 Sept.) started slow at home, then picked up greatly for me in the afternoon. I was sent to west St. Louis County to canvass residents for Claire McCaskill's reelection campaign. I hit about 90 houses in about 3 1/2 hours, getting the word out and judging voter reactions. The campaign staff was impressed. That night, I was at Creve Coeur Airport for the monthly Missouri Aviation Historical Society meeting, which included some videos on aviation history in St. Louis and on the F-16 Fighting Falcon.

The weekend included some soccer refereeing under very pleasant weather conditions. Saturday morning and early afternoon (22 Sept.) found me at the SLYSA Complex, working four 8v8 games of under 9 youth. A nice change of pace for me (I signed up for these as a fill in that week), and I got to try to mentor some younger referees on how to call the game. The next day, I worked three under 14 girls' matches at the Scott Gallagher Complex. I'm back there this weekend, including a game Saturday afternoon where I'm being assessed for my recertification.

Late Sunday afternoon, after a shower and change of clothes, I attended a St. Louis Transplants party in Frontenac. It was at a residence that is up for sale. Very nice and large place (too rich for my blood), but I got to chat with a few other guests there. Nice way to pass the time.

Monday afternoon (24 Sept.), I got an email from the marketing agency I interviewed with earlier in the month for a temporary brand ambassador position. The note said that they had filled the position and that I was not needed. A surprise to me, as I was led to believe at that interview that I had the position and would start training on Tuesday. The HR person wrote back to say they apologize for giving me that impression. A major disappointment, to say the least, coming on the day before I was to have started training for this position.

Monday night, I attended the monthly referee in-service clinic at Grand Glaize Library, with a fine presentation on properly using advantage in games. The next night, I braved a thunderstorm to drive to Doug Barton's house in Foristell for the IPMS/Gateway business meeting. The October meetings were planned and other club business discussed.

Yesterday afternoon, I canvassed for McCaskill in Ballwin, getting to about 60 houses.