10 February 2013

A Happy Birthday, and Plenty of Work

I turned one year older last Thursday (7 Feb.). Not that I really felt or noticed the change; after all, what's one year in my life. My colleagues at the car rental facility remembered my big day with a decorated large cookie they presented me before I left work early that afternoon, and my parents treated me to dinner at Chevy's Fresh Mex in south St. Louis County. (The three of us had slices from the cookie for desert after we got back home from Chevy's.) I did get a polo shirt and a DVD (the film "Beetlejuice") from my parents, two of my brothers each gave me a Barnes & Noble gift certificate, and the third brother gave me an ebook for my Nook. I received birthday wishes from my friends and acquaintances, mostly on my Facebook profile, plus a nice card from my friend Maria Falls. Overall, a fine birthday.

The last two Saturday nights (2 and 8 Feb.), I refereed youth futsal matches at GameTime in St. Peters. Overall, the games went well, although in one game on 2 Feb. I dismissed a coach who kept dissenting with my decisions. After coming home that night, I made a report to the league on this issue. Last night went real well, with a very good partner and teams that came to play.

There was plenty of work for me at the auto rental facility this past week, as plenty of customers came to us wanting to rent vehicles. I think many of them were people whose vehicles were damaged in accidents that the snow storm we got last Sunday was a contributing factor. Anyway, we had to scramble to get vehicles ready to go. Although hectic at times, at least I had plenty to do and the work days went along better. I'm very happy to be working for this firm at this facility, with a great group of people.

Last Tuesday morning (5 Feb.) saw me get my Corolla's license plates renewed for another year at the license bureau in Oakville. I also got a bit of work done on a model I hope to finish by next Tuesday's IPMS/Gateway meeting.

After supper on Friday (8 Feb.), I went to Club 270 in Ferguson for last week's Stress Free Fridays. The group's regulars saluted me on my birthday and I had a nice time, including dancing a bit. That got my weekend off to a fine start. Yesterday, I co-hosted a new edition of Writer's Block, the monthly program on Naturally Autistic Radio (streamed via Blog Talk Radio). Normally, this show runs the first Saturday of the month at 12 pm Central Time, but it was pushed back a week due to matters at Naturally Autistic. On this month's show, host Tim Pylypiuk and I discussed video games and the writing that goes into them. I have limited experience with video games, but I did my best to keep up with Pylypiuk on this topic for the hour. The show is now available to download from this link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/autistic-people-/2013/02/09/writers-block-10am-pstradio-drama-11am-pst