12 July 2014

Work, Networking, and the World Cup is Almost Over

Been a bit busy late this week with this and that at home, so I haven't written you a bit sooner. Anyway, here's my latest post. Work at the car rental firm has been going well. We were closed last Friday (4 July) for Independence Day, but I worked the next morning at the branch. It was rather busy with customers getting vehicles to rent out for the holiday weekend. Monday (7 July) was rather hectic as customers were returning vehicles from the weekend. Also, it was very hot, with heat indices topping 100 degrees F (38 degrees C). Fortunately, I stayed inside as much as possible and drank plenty of water. Last Wednesday (8 July), after delivering a vehicle to one of our satellite branches, I ran into a former colleague, who was there getting work done on her vehicle. We chatted a bit before I had to get back to business, but it was great seeing her.

On my off day Thursday (10 July), I edited some short articles for the upcoming issue of Naturally Autistic magazine. Most were short pieces that didn't take much time to do at all. That magazine comes out this fall; more info at www.naturallyautistic.com.

Also on Thursday, I went to the Barrett on Washington in midtown St. Louis for a creatives networking event. It was rather nice to go. I did see a few people I worked for while temping at a staffing agency (which hosted this event) and got them up to date with myself. I also chatted with a few others to let them know I'm keeping my eyes out for career opportunities in editing and PR. We'll see how it goes from there.

The FIFA World Cup ends tomorrow (Sunday) and it's been a fabulous tournament so far. Plenty of action and surprises. As much as like Lionel Messi and Argentina, I think Germany will be too strong and will win the Final. I went to a watch party on 4 July for the Brazil-Colombia quarterfinal at Amsterdam Tavern in south St. Louis. Big crowd on hand, with many Colombian supporters and some Brazilian fans. Those rooting for Brazil ended up happier after their country won, although Neymar Jr.'s injury late in the match made it a Pyrrhic victory.

This week also marked get-togethers with two high school classmates I have not seen in some time. Last Sunday, my friend Tim Popp and I met. He lives in Oklahoma City and is in town on business. Tim and I met at the bar at Rich and Charlie's restaurant in Mehlville as we got caught up on things. Thursday afternoon, I saw Michael Anderson, who I had not seen since high school. We met at the St. Louis Bread Co. near South County Center. Michael lives near Columbus, Ohio, where he just retired on disability from a federal job. He's doing pretty good, considering, and we had a good time catching up on things in our lives.

I'm off to a singles meetup at midday today in Hazelwood, Mo., and plan to attend an art exhibition tonight. More on all that in my next post.