27 March 2014

Working Away and Getting About Town Some

Last Saturday morning (22 March) found me at the Chesterfield branch of the car rental firm. I was asked that week to fill in for a car prep person there, so I did work the three hour shift there. I didn't do any pickups and drop offs of customers, but I did get a few vehicles ready to rent and took a vehicle to the O'Fallon branch to trade it for another one for Chesterfield. A good morning overall, and I was glad to help.

Late on Sunday morning, I drove to the St. Louis Artists' Guild at Oak Knoll Park in Clayton. The Midtown Mingles Meetup group met there to take in the Young Artists Showcase, which presented works by area high school students. There were two others with me at this event and we were impressed by these works of art. After spending about 30 minutes there, the three of us went to Brasserie by niche in the Central West End for brunch. We had a good meal--I ordered eggs Benedict--and we had a nice conversation on a variety of things. I only wish we had more people there; this was a nice event to take in.

The next night (24 March), after work, I drove right away to the Tivoli Theatre in the Delmar Loop to join the Monday Indie Movie Club Meetup group. About 30 of us saw "The Grand Budapest Hotel," a new movie by Wes Anderson, a comedy-drama we all agreed was most entertaining. Because of the time before the show, my dinner that night was a large bag of popcorn, a box of Rasinettes, and a large soda.

After work on Tuesday, I was able to get a roast beef and cheese sandwich from Arby's before driving to Mike George's house in Florissant for the IPMS/Gateway business meeting. I took down the minutes as the board planned next month's general and business meetings and discussed some other club business.

Yesterday, I was let off work four hours early, since I am working this Saturday morning and this would keep me at 40 hours for the week. I took advantage of the time to browse at West County Center, especially at the Barnes and Noble store. There, I enjoyed a cupcake and coffee drink at the cafe, and bought a magazine and a display shield for my Nook HD. Early that night, I headed to Senor Pique, a Mexican restaurant and bar in Ballwin, for a happy hour. It was in honor of one of my colleagues, who is leaving our branch early next week for a position at our commercial truck rental division in Earth City. I told her I'd stop by for a bit, and I was there for about 45 minutes. Loud crowds and I don't mix very well, and I wasn't in much of a mood. (I just had a glass of ice water.) I didn't want to spoil the night for everyone, so I just chatted a bit with my colleagues before I called it a night.

I've felt a lot of stress lately. Part of it was adjusting to my age and a feeling increasing mortality, part of it was the scare of my dad's recent illness and hospitalization, and part was a concern about my future. I feel so frustrated I cannot find more social success, and to feel happier and more confident about myself.

I'm at the Missouri Aviation Historical Society's meeting tonight at Creve Coeur Airport, and work Saturday morning at the Ellisville branch. Next Saturday (5 April), I'll be co-hosting "Writer's Block" from Naturally Autistic Radio. The show airs at noon, Central Time (10 am, Pacific Time; 1700 GMT). More info at: http://www.naturallyautistic.com/radiotv-oline/