15 May 2014

Keeping Up the Good Work

Work the past few weeks has been going well. I've been keeping busy with my duties at the branch and doing my part to keep our customers satisfied. Yesterday, I was sent from Ellisville to the Chesterfield branch to fill in there. That went well, I am happy to report.

Last Saturday morning (10 May), I drove to Crown Vision Center in Concord Village to pick up my new glasses. They fit me perfectly and I am very happy to have them. I particularly welcome the automatic tinting lenses, which serve as sunglasses in bright light and fade to normal in normal light. Now I don't have to worry about putting on sunglasses over my glasses. That afternoon found me at the St. Louis County Library Headquarters in Frontenac for the STL Aspies Meetup--our first since last fall. We had about eight people there, including two for the first time, and it was good for everyone to touch base. After our talk at the library, we went to the nearby Panera Bread Co. for dinner and further talk.

Last night (14 May) after work, I met my parents and our neighbors, Rick and Diane Holtz, for dinner at Bartolino's South in Green Park. We were celebrating my dad's 90th birthday yesterday. The dinner was nice and dad appreciated the $25 Barnes & Noble gift card I bought for him as a gift.

Taking it easy today on my day off, I did to a bit of personal shopping. This coming weekend will be a busy one. More on that in my next post.