28 March 2015

Soccer, Work, Meetings, and Early Spring Weather

Last Sunday afternoon (22 March) found me at Fox High School in Arnold, refereeing youth soccer games. Of the three matches (under 13-14 boys and girls), I did two middles. (One of the crew mates was new and didn't have any middles.) They went well.

Back to work on Monday morning, and we were hit with many returned vehicles, mostly from renters back from spring break with their families. We got though that and our week was good, overall. We marked the departure of our branch manager and his replacement coming in on Friday.

I flexed out of work Tuesday afternoon (24 March) and came home. That night, I attended the IPMS/Gateway business meeting, hosted by Bill Wagner in Oakville. We planned the April meetings and discussed some other club business.

My off day Thursday included some shopping at CRM Hobbies, where I bought some casting material for model parts. I have a missing part on a kit I'm working on, but these materials should fix that. Late that afternoon, I was at the St. Louis Community College/HEC-TV office building in Bridgeton for the Missouri Aviation Historical Society business meeting. We discussed some society business and went over the upcoming issue of the newsletter, Middle Marker, which is due out next month. I should be getting copy for it to edit soon.

Worked this morning at the car rental firm, and it was a busy time, but we got it done. After work, I had lunch and did a bit of shopping. Enjoyed a pleasant day today, cool yet sunny. We had up and down weather this week, which started warm and sunny, then had cloudy and cool days, with rain and even a bit of snow early Friday.