31 July 2013

A Night (at Someone's House) at the Movies

Work continues to go well at the auto rental branch. Plenty of business coming our way--vacationers, business customers, people with vehicles in the shop needing a loaner. I've been working hard to help our branch fulfill these customers by getting vehicles cleaned and ready to rent, and to pick up and drop off customers between their pick up points (homes, businesses, repair shops) and the branch. No complaints about my performing these duties, really.

I'm really liking my work with this firm and want to move up in the organization towards a career position in corporate communications. I received a few tips on that last night while attending a networking event at Webster University. One of my fellow job seekers made a couple of suggestions for me, and I started putting that to practice this afternoon. We'll see how this goes.

Last Saturday night (27 July), I want to a house in the Overland area of St. Louis County. It was for the STL Screeners Meetup group and about 10 of us were there to watch a movie being screen by our host in her backyard. (She had a large screen set up and projected the movie via a BluRay player. There were five movies for us to select from, and the majority vote went to "Phantom," a 2013 thriller starring Ed Harris and David Duchovny. The movie was pretty good and we all seemed to enjoy each other's company on a pleasant night.

After work on Monday (29 July), I attended the monthly soccer referee in-service clinic. We heard about the law change for this coming season (a clarification on the offisde law), and took in a video quiz on offside situations. Also, we heard about the new assignment setup for our youth leagues this season (which begins on 17 August). Looking forward to getting back onto the pitch and officiating matches.

I'm off to a happy hour tonight in Maplewood. I'll let you know how that goes in my next post here.