10 October 2013

My Sore Heel Gets the Boot

Work at the car rental branch continues to go well, with my pulling a full day shift last Friday (4 Oct.) and the next morning. After coming home from work Saturday, I changed clothes and headed to the St. Louis County Library Headquarters in Frontenac for the STL Aspies Meetup. We had a very low attendance this time--only 6--which was likely due to the fact that a big science fiction convention was in town that weekend and several from our group were going to that event. After a brief discussion, our group headed to nearby Panera Bread Co. for snacks.

After that snack time, I drove to the Lou Fusz Complex in Maryland Heights to officiate youth soccer. Despite some intermittent rain, my crew got our three games in. I started the set with the middle on an under 12 girls' match. My sore heel held up pretty good after that. The next morning (6 Oct.) found me at the SLYSA Complex in St. Charles for two more games, both on the line. They went well and I greatly appreciated the somewhat soft grass surface of that field.

After working Monday, I was at a podiatrist's office Tuesday morning (8 Oct.). The doctor examined my right heel, and had x-rays done on it, and told me he believed I had a stress fracture of the heel bone. He wasn't 100 percent certain, and ordered an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) on that foot. In the meantime, he prescribed an anti-inflammation medicine, recommended I rest that heel as much as possible (putting some ice on that area as needed), and gave me a boot to wear that would stabilize the heel. It's awkward to move about, but I am not feeling any pain in that heel. Following the podiatrist office visit, I met my parents for lunch at The Olive Garden in Concord Village.

Back to work the next morning, I was able to fulfill my job duties, although slowed down a bit. My supervisors did what they could to not overburden me with work, which I appreciated. That night, I flipped the TV channels to watch the Cardinals and the Blues playing at home at the same time. The Cardinals won the deciding game of the National League Division Series over the Pittsburgh Pirates, advancing to the NL Championship Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Blues, meanwhile, scored a last-minute goal to beat the arch rivals and defending Stanley Cup Champions Chicago Blackhawks 3-2. So, a win-win for St. Louis that night.

This morning, I was to have had that MRI done. However, when I arrived at the facility, the receptionist said my insurance company had not approved the procedure due to a pre-existing condition. She apologized for someone not calling me yesterday to let me know of this development, and said she would contact me in the next few days when she hears back either way from the insurance company. Back home, I got my laundry done and chatted online with some friends.