23 February 2013

A Model Completed, a Dentist Visit, and a Snow Job

I did finish one model for the IPMS/Gateway meeting last Tuesday night (19 Feb.). It was a 1:72 scale T26E3 Pershing heavy tank, built Out of the Box (OOB). There were 52 entries in the OOB contest--the most I recall at a IPMS/Gateway meeting in recent memory. That was great to see. I didn't place with my model, but at least I got two points towards Modeler of the Year. Also at the meeting, the club announced that the Holiday Inn at I-44 (formerly the Viking) will host our Invitational in September. Stephanie Saulet, widow of late IPMS/Gateway member Chris Saulet, was there to sign copies of her book about her and Chris, "Ride On!"

Work at the car rental place was fine, although we did get hit a bit by snow and sleet on Thursday (21 Feb.). It started snowing late that morning and picked up around midday. I was let off early from work, then was there the next day to help everyone dig out. The snow was easy enough, but the sleet atop it made it a bit harder to clear off the cars. We actually had a lot of vehicles at the facility Friday, with very few takers. That should change early next week.

After work Wednesday afternoon (20 Feb.), I visited a dentist for the first time in about 2 1/2 years. (That's what not having work and insurance will do for you.) My teeth were cleaned and the dentist and his assistant noticed some problems needed further attention. Two follow up visits were scheduled for the coming weeks to take care of those issues.

Last night, I was at Andre's in Oakville for the Eastern Missouri Soccer Referee Association's Mouse Races fundraiser. Somehow, I did not really find this interesting. That, and a toothache, caused me to leave the event early.

I'm refereeing futsal tonight, the last games of the season.


17 February 2013

A Good Week

Not much this past week. Work at the auto rental firm has been going real well. Keeping busy and with good morale. I worked this past Saturday morning there (I do so every third Saturday) and I had plenty to do. Yesterday afternoon, I was at GameTime in St. Peters refereeing youth futsal. The three games I did went well, with no incidents. The season ends this coming weekend. Looking forward to going back to outdoor games.

This afternoon, I was at Cafe Ventana in midtown St. Louis for a discussion organized by the Sex Positive St. Louis Meetup group. It was my first meetup with this group (although I have been a member for some months), and I didn't really have anything to contribute to this discussion (how mental health affects one's sex life), but it was rather fascinating and I plan to attend future meetups with this group.

Working to finish a model for Tuesday night's IPMS/Gateway meeting and the Out of the Box Contest. I should just make it. More about that in my next post.