11 June 2015

Getting Hot Out Here

It's definitely feeling like summer here in St. Louis, although we're still technically in spring. It is 91 degrees F (33 degrees C) as we speak now, and has been feeling that way the past couple of days. Not much fun when one has to be out in the sun as I am with work at times.

Work has been good this week. It's been busy much of the time, though we did have some welcome down time yesterday.

I finished a model today that will go to the IPMS/USA National Convention in Columbus, Ohio next month. It's part of IPMS/Gateway's chapter entry in the convention's model contest. Several of us in the club volunteered to build the same kit however we wanted to do. The kit we're using is Testors' kit of the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) that supposedly crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. (The US Air Force claims it was a weather balloon, but a few witnesses and UFO enthusiasts claim it's real.) Anyway, I did mine as a Soviet UFO, with Soviet markings taken from spare decals I have. I'll bring it to the IPMS/Gateway meeting this Tuesday night at 7:30 pm at Calvary Presbyterian Church. More info on the club here: http://ipms-gateway.com.

I'm working again tonight at Circus Flora in midtown St. Louis. Their show "One Summer on Second Street" runs through 28 June. Check it out if you have not already. Info on this show and on volunteering to help out here: http://circusflora.org.


07 June 2015

Running Off to the Circus (Flora); Witnessing Soccer

A week ago Thursday night (28 May), I was volunteering at the preview night of Circus Flora in midtown St. Louis' Grand Center. This was the night before the official opening night of this season's show, "One Summer on Second Street." I helped the patrons find their seats before the show, monitored people coming and going during the intermission, and helped the patrons leave after the show and collect discarded show programs. It is a very enjoyable show for children of all ages. We have acrobats, a clown, a trapeze act, a high wire act, trained cats, trained birds, and trained horses. "One Summer on Second Street" runs through 28 June under the Big Top. Check it out! For more information, including show times, tickets, and how to volunteer (the show can use some more volunteers), visit their website: http://circusflora.org/.

One week ago (31 May), I was at Columbia (Illinois) High School to referee youth soccer games--the final matches of the Spring season. I was scheduled to work three matches, but my schedule was changed late and I didn't get the word until that morning. So, I only worked two matches, but it all ended up for the good.

The hard work has continued at the car rental branch. We're still getting customers who are getting their cars repaired after the hail storm two months ago. (Yes, the repair shops have been that busy.) Plus, we're starting to get the summer vacation business. With two new people on staff with us this summer, we can more easily handle our customers. If you want or need to rent a car, please check us out at http://www.enterprise.com/car_rental/home.do.

I put in another volunteer shift with Circus Flora this past Thursday night. That was after taking care of some personal business at home on my off day from work. After work Friday, I stopped by Epic Sports Bar and Grill in Spanish Lake, Missouri for happy hour. It was Stress Free Fridays' 11th Anniversary Bash. I haven't been to many Stress Free Fridays events in recent months, due to my work schedule, but I did want to hang with them for a bit. It was fun, seeing these folks and getting in a few dances as well.

Yesterday, I witnessed some soccer online and on television. I followed Saint Louis FC's match at Pittsburgh Riverhounds via Twitter (@STL FC Gameday), and was happy when Saint Louis came from 1-nil down to get a 1-1 draw. They are back home this Saturday night against Harrisburg City Islanders. Hope to see you there! For more info, visit: http://saintlouisfc.com/landing/index. I followed the last minutes of Saint Louis FC's match while watching the UEFA Champions League Final on television at O'B. Clark's in Brentwood, Missouri. I and other soccer fans--including members of St.Louis United FC--gathered there to watch Juventus play FC Barcelona in Berlin. I and others left happy as Barcelona won 3-1. You can find out more on O'B. Clark's here: http://obclark.com/. For more on St. Louis United FC, visit: http://stlunitedfc.net/.

Then, I came home and watched more soccer on television: The start of the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup in Canada. I'll be following that tournament for sure. Here's the tournament's website: http://www.fifa.com/womensworldcup/. By the way, the USA opens play in the FIFA Women's World Cup tomorrow (Monday) night against Australia.