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21 January 2016

Real Cold with Some Snow

The end of last week went well. Work on Friday (15 January) went well. I brought some doughnuts from Krispy Kreme (, as I usually do every other Friday. My co-workers greatly appreciate my gesture and it gives them a treat to help with getting through the day.

I also remembered my friend in Cuiaba, Brazil, Eliana, on her birthday that day. We are in contact just about every day via WhatsApp (, and she is a very special friend to me.

I made a trip that Saturday morning (16 May) to a branch of First Bank ( in south St. Louis for a bit of IPMS/Gateway ( business. As the club's vice president this year, I needed to get my signature registered with the bank holding our account, so that I am authorized to sign checks as needed. After that bit of business was done, I headed to CRM Hobbies ( to do a bit of shopping. After browsing awhile and seeing some of the new items for sale, I bought a couple of decal sheets for model kits I have that I hope to build in the coming year.

It got real cold over the past weekend, with temperatures getting down to 10 degrees F (-12 degrees C). On Tuesday afternoon (19 January), before I flexed out of work, it started to snow. We got about 2 inches (5.1 cm) by early the next morning. Due to the anticipated snowfall, myself and the rest of the IPMS/Gateway board decided that afternoon to postpone our general meeting by one week. That meeting--which features our annual Swap & Sell, and Kit Auction--will be held this coming Tuesday night (26 January). We made this decision out of consideration for the safety of our members traveling to and from the meeting.

I spent some time that night working on the new issue of Middle Marker, the journal of the Missouri Aviation Historical Society ( It's a bit of a process, laying out on the computer when I'm trying to get more comfortable with this process. I should have some of it done to show to the society's board at tonight's meeting at Creve Coeur Airport (