28 August 2014

Surviving the Weather, Enjoying the Festival of Nations

I put in plenty of work late last week and earlier this week. I came in last Thursday afternoon (21 August) to our Ballwin branch, per a request from their branch manager. I did so, and worked my normal shift the next day at the Ellisville branch. My efforts have been most appreciated by the staff, which is most gratifying.

That night, I was at the Missouri Aviation Historical Society's meeting at Creve Coeur Airport, where I took in a presentation on the Boeing EA-18G Growler electronic warfare aircraft. Dana "Perk" Perkins, a Boeing test pilot, gave a very nice presentation on the aircraft. I also put in a plug for the IPMS Gateway to the West Model Contest and Swap Meet next Saturday (6 September). Looking forward to that show. More info at this link: http://ipms-gateway.com/invite2014.html

Last Saturday and Sunday, I was at Tower Grove Park in St. Louis for the International Institute's Festival of Nations. On Saturday morning (23 August), I was there to see members of the Making Friends Around the World Meetup group, which met there. We talked for a bit and took in a performance of Scandinavian music. That afternoon, I worked a shift at one of the drinks booths, where I helped get cans of beer and soda and bottles of water to customers.

I was at the Festival grounds Sunday morning, helping one of the shuttle bus drivers understand her route, then pulled a shift as a festival ambassador, handing out programs to visitors and answering their questions. After a short break, I then worked to survey visitors about the festival, getting feedback to help in planning the festival in the future. Attendance was down a bit due to the high heat, with head indices (temperature plus humidity) reaching 110 degrees F (43 degrees C), but otherwise it went very well. I really enjoyed being at the Festival and helping out. Seeing all these ethnic groups showing off their cultures (music, dance, art, crafts, and food) is a very good thing to me.

Work this week has been good, despite the heat outside. Yesterday afternoon (27 Aug.), a sudden thunderstorm drenched me as I was cleaning a vehicle. Wisely, I stayed inside until the rain let up. I'm working Saturday morning, but we're off until Tuesday of next week, with the Labor Day Holiday this Monday. Also next week, we're moving our branch location a few feet east to the building next door.

Tuesday night (26 Aug.), after work, I was at Marion Morris' house for the IPMS/Gateway business meeting. We planned the September general and business meetings, and discussed the latest on our upcoming show. In my dad's memory, I have purchased a trophy sponsorship for that show. I'm sure my dad would really appreciate the gesture.