26 September 2013

Passing the Maintenance Assessment, and Hosting the Business Meeting

Last Friday (20 Sept.), I worked my shift at the car rental firm, then drove from Ellisville (after a change of clothes) to Basso, an Italian restaurant and bar at the Cheshire Inn in Clayton. Basso was the venue for Stress Free Fridays, and it was my first time at this revolving happy hour in a few weeks. (This was mostly due to my work schedule and the distance to the Stress Free Fridays venues.) I had a nice time there, seeing a few people I had not seen in while, and making a connection with a web designer who was there with a mutual friend. I also enjoyed a very nice pizza, washed down with a couple of beers.

The next day, I worked in the morning at the car rental branch, then came home to change and went to the Lou Fusz Complex to officiate soccer games. The three under-12 girls' matches I worked went well.

Sunday afternoon (22 Sept.) found me at the SLYSA Complex for two matches. The first one was an under-18 women's match I was refereeing to get in my annual maintenance assessment. The assessor arrived from another field on the complex just before kickoff, but took in enough of my pre-game with my assistant referees. The match went well; it was rather exciting and competitive, ending up a 1-0 win for the home side. The assessor gave my high marks overall for my performance in the immediate post-match conversation and in the written report he sent me the next day. Glad to have this done, and to be one step closer to getting recertified for the new year. The under-12 girls' match I was assistant referee on was a easy one by comparison.

Back to work Monday and Wednesday at the car rental branch, where we welcomed a new management trainee from another local branch. She'll do real well here, I think. On my off day Tuesday (24 Sept.), I scheduled an appointment with a podiatrist in two weeks to have him check out my sore heel, which has been bothering me in recent weeks. I also shopped for soda, beer, and snacks for the IPMS/Gateway business meeting I hosted last night (25 Sept.). As the club president was out of town, I as club vice president ran the meeting, in which we decided on the program for the October general meeting and discussed other club business. More info on our club at http://ipms-gateway.com.

Earlier tonight, I went to Foam Coffee + Beer in south St. Louis for a happy hour. It was celebrating the third anniversary of Sex Positive St. Louis, a group promoting health sexuality here. The happy hour was nice and the venue (this was my first time here) was interesting.

Back to work tomorrow morning. Later.