24 April 2014

Easter with Doug in Town

My brother Doug flew in from Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (18 April). It was good seeing him in town and he was very helpful to my parents and I. Doug cleaned the gutters and fixed my parents' computer, and he also worked out some kinks on my computer. He flew out on Monday, after enjoying church and dinner with my parents and I on Easter Sunday.

I worked Saturday morning at the car rental branch, and through the week, although I was detached to our Chesterfield branch yesterday morning. Been keeping busy with work, and soliciting ideas from colleagues on improving my chances of landing a better job.

I had meeting right after work on Monday (21 April; soccer referee clinic) and Tuesday (IPMS/Gateway business meeting). Last night after work, I slept well to catch up on that lost sleep.

Today, I proofread an e-book for a client (after loading new word processing software) and have been trying to reload some financial software, but with much trouble. Grrr!

I'm working as a volunteer at the Greater St. Louis Book Fair this weekend at West County Center, a used book sale to benefit local charities. I'm serving as a bagger on Saturday night. Hope to see you there! www.stlouisbookfair.org