21 March 2015

Busy Days Gotten Through

After work last Friday night (13 March), I joined others from the STL Food Lovers Meetup group at Dressel's Pub in St. Louis' Central West End. It was a good night, despite some rainy weather outside, and I enjoyed a good dinner and conversation. After dinner, I walked a block south to Left Bank Books, where I browsed for awhile before walking back to my car and driving home.

I worked at the car rental branch the next morning, then was home to relax. One day later (15 March), I was at Fox High School in Arnold to referee three youth soccer (football) matches. I worked the middle on the first and third matches, both under 13 girls. The first one was a scoreless draw; the last match of the day was decided by a single goal scored at the death.

Back at work Monday, and things have been doing well there of late. The new assistant manager told me this past week how much me and the other car prep person there are appreciated by the staff, and I was heartened by his kind words.

Tuesday night (17 March), right after work, I was at the IPMS/Gateway meeting at Calvary Presbyterian Church. We had our Out of the Box Contest, delayed from February, and it drew 43 entries--including three from me. I helped judged the contest in categories I was not entered in. Although I did not win any places in the contest, I was happy to have entered. More on the club here: http://ipms-gateway.com. After the meeting, I edited a few last minute items for the Spring issue of Naturally Autistic magazine, which comes out next month. More info at http://www.naturallyautistic.com.

On my off day Thursday, I had a visit with my dentist for a routine check-up. It was fine, with no further problems. That night, at Creve Coeur Airport for the Missouri Aviation Historical Society meeting. We were supposed to have a video presentation on the Curtiss C-46 Commando, but a computer glitch presented that from happening. So, we'll try it again next month. The society's website is http://moavhist.org.

This morning, I was at The Heights for the Missouri Professional Communicators (MPC) monthly meeting. This had a seminar on social media marketing, with three presenters talking about how to employ social media in your business. It was rather informative, with some material I was already familiar with and others I was not. I found this to be time well spent. MPC is on the web at: http://http://www.mpc-nfpw.org.