12 September 2013

Rain, Work, and a Model Show to Prepare For

Last Saturday night (7 Sept.), I refereed three youth soccer matches at Lou Fusz Complex in Maryland Heights, Missouri. These were all under-12s, and they went well, with no real problems encountered. The next morning, I was at the SLYSA Complex in St. Charles, Missouri for a four-game set, but when I arrived, I found that the two morning games were called off due to the rain that was falling and lightning in the vicinity. I stayed for about an hour, shooting the breeze with colleagues, when we got word that all games that day were called off.

So, a downer, but at least I could get some stuff done at home. For one, I painted an aircraft model I'm finishing for this Saturday's IPMS Gateway to the West Invitational. It's a 1:144 scale DC-4 in American Airlines colors., and the model will go to the club's 1:144 scale aircraft display at the show. I got the decals on today and will have final assembly (such as landing gears) done tomorrow night. I'm really looking forward to the show, at the Holiday Inn Route 66 (formerly the Viking) in Sunset Hills, Missouri. Show info at http://www.ipms-gateway.com/Gateway2013.html. Hope to see you there!

Back to work Monday and Tuesday at the car rental location. A new vehicle prep person joined us this week, and I'll be changing my work shifts next week to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (from Monday, Tuesday, and Friday), plus every other Saturday morning. Rather calm after a frantic Monday morning, but it's been fine.

Yesterday (11 September), my first off day this week, I got the oil changed on my Corolla, deposited a couple of checks, and had a lunch date in downtown St. Louis. I had a light lunch with Leslie, a gal I met last month at the make 'n take IPMS/Gateway ran at the All-American Hot Rod Show at Gateway Motorsports Park. Leslie and I chatted together for nearly an hour, and we had a wonderful time. Looks like we'll be meeting in person again soon. Stay tuned.

Last night, I refereed two under-13 boys' games at Sportport in Maryland Heights, Missouri. They went well, although I did have to work hard in my middle to keep it under control in the second half. Fortunately, it ended well and I was quite happy with my job that night.

My next post will include my report on the IPMS/Gateway show. Later.