03 April 2014

Meetings, a Party, and Plenty of Work

One week ago tonight (27 March) found me at Creve Airport for the monthly meeting of the Missouri Aviation Historical Society (MAHS). This meeting saluted the life and career of St. Louis native, World War II US Navy air ace, and Medal of Honor winner Edward "Butch" O'Hare. A 2007 documentary on O'Hare produced by KETC Channel 9 in 2007 was screened, and one of O'Hare's nieces attended to speak about "Butch." A rather fascinating program on this aviation hero. More info on MAHS at http://moavhist.org.

Work has been good, even if I have to dodge raindrops at times. I worked all day Friday, then last Saturday morning. (Plenty to do, with getting all those vehicles on our lot cleaned up and ready to rent.) Yesterday, I was sent from Ellisville to our Chesterfield branch on a temporary assignment. We got socked by a lot of rain that day, and I did my best to stay dry.

Last Sunday afternoon (30 March), I was at Bruno's American Grill and Pub in south St. Louis for a going-away party thrown by the Friends from Around the World Meetup. One of the exchange students is going home in three weeks, so we saluted him at this party. It was fun, as I got to chat with the students and some host parents, and the Meetup group's leader, Dayna. It was my first time at Bruno's and it was nice.

Early this week, it was meetings right after work. Monday night found me at the Grand Glaize Library in west St. Louis County for the monthly soccer referee clinic. Just a few of us showed up--mostly likely due to many of my colleagues doing late afternoon high school matches that day--but those of us who made it took in a nice session on Offside and on the Advantage Clause. The next night (1 April) was--no fooling--the monthly IPMS/St. Louis meeting at Mark Twain Hobby Center in St. Charles. Six of us (including me) attended, a new high for this location, including one first-time attendee for our club. We chatted bout our recent model projects and shared news about upcoming events and kit releases.

I had to deal with some computer issues this afternoon, being on the line with customer support on my scanner that wasn't working, and then Microsoft to deal with the underlying software issue. Someone from the latter is supposed to call me in a little while to work on this further, so I hope this works.

This Saturday, I co-host April's edition of "Writer's Block" from Naturally Autistic ANCA Radio. Tim Pylypiuk and I will discuss visualization and the Western on this month's show, so I hope you can tune in at Noon, Central Time (10 am, Pacific Time; 1700 hours GMT). More info on the show and the organization at www.naturallyautistic.com.