06 March 2014

Up and Down Weather to Start March

The weather was rather chilly as February ended and March began last weekend. Last Sunday night (2 March), we got a bit of ice and then snow. Fortunately, the commute to work the next morning wasn't too bad, although it was rather unpleasant being out in the below freezing weather, as I was that morning getting cars warmed up and ice removed from windows.

After work Tuesday (4 March), I drove to Mark Twain Hobby Center in St. Charles for the IPMS/St. Louis meeting. Two others made it to the meeting, which showed that third time was the charm. (I was the only one to show up for January, and last month's meeting was cancelled due to bad weather.) We had a nice little get together and agreed this new venue will work out for us.

Today on my off day, I applied for a job in corporate communications here in St. Louis, and saw my dentist. The exam showed no cavities, but that one tooth will need to be removed due to root damage.

Work has been going well of late. Tuesday, two colleagues and I drove to our sister branch in Washington, Missouri to pick up some vehicles--the longest such trip I've done since starting work at the car rental branch. Late yesterday, we got an influx of vehicles returned by renters.