01 June 2017

Back to Work; Nice Holiday Weekend

Work at the branch late last week was good, though rather busy at times as the Memorial Day Weekend approached. I was working there on Friday (25 May) and Saturday morning, then I could enjoy the weekend. I chilled out at home on Saturday.

Sunday, I was at home watching the Indianapolis 500 on television, then headed to Assumption Greek Orthodox Church (http://www.assumptiongoc.org/) in Town and Country for their annual St. Louis County Greek Fest (http://stlouisgreekfest.com/). There was a good crowd there to browse among the vendors, to eat and drink, and to enjoy Greek cultural programs. I had a nice early dinner of dolmades, tiropita, and lemonade. I also took in Greek folk dances from youth and adult dance groups. It was a pleasant way to spend some time.

Memorial Day (29 May), off work, I went to Spirit of St. Louis Airport (http://spiritairport.com/spiritairport/index.jsp) in Chesterfield to get up close to some World War II vintage aircraft on display, courtesy of the Missouri Wing of the Commemorative Air Force (http://cafmo.org/). The Wing's North American B-25J Mitchell, "Show Me," was on hand for display and for flights with paying passengers. Also on hand for passenger flights was a Stearman PT-13 and a North American T-6G Texan "Spanish Lady" (https://www.facebook.com/Spanish-Lady-T-6-Flights-464962220369020/). I also saw another T-6, a Nanchang CJ-6A, and a F-1 Rocket. If I had the money to spare, I could have caught a ride on one of those vintage aircraft. Maybe another time.

Back to work Tuesday morning, it was BUSY. We had a lot of vehicles on our lot from customers coming off the Holiday weekend, and there was virtually no let up. We got through the day through some great teamwork and hard work. Yesterday was also quite busy for a Wednesday, mostly the residual from Tuesday. Things went well, though.

Off today, I am doing my laundry and then going tonight to the opening night of Circus Flora (http://circusflora.org/). "Time Flies" is the show for this season, which runs through 25 June at their air-conditioned tent located near Powell Hall in St. Louis' Grand Center. This year marks my third season as a volunteer--helping make sure the seating areas are good before the customers arrive, acting as an usher, and helping police the seats after the show. I will also be a volunteer for performances on 8 and 22 June, and may pick up a couple more shifts during the run. Hope to see you there!