19 July 2012

A Two Model Night

Last weekend started quietly. I worked on finishing touches on the 1:48 scale Bf 109G-6 I was building for the IPMS/Gateway Same Kit Contest this month. (More on that later.) Saturday afternoon (14 July) I was at Scott Sifton's campaign office helping work the phone bank. The campaign's going well so far. Sifton appears (to me, at least) to have more support among likely voters than his primary opponent. I also made calls for Sifton last night.

Sunday afternoon (15 July) found me at New Ballwin Park in Ballwin, Missouri for the St. Louis Friends Meetup. Nine of us came to play a bit of sand volleyball on the park's sand court. I had never played sand volleyball before and it was a long time since I played any volleyball, but it was a neat time. I got into the sand a few times trying to dig out the ball, and I needed a good toweling off when I got home.

The next day, I started a fact check job on a book manuscript my brother Rick sent me. I should have that done in the next day or two. Rick told me to just look for any obvious factual errors in the manuscript. So far, I've found none. I also made my flight reservations for my trip to Los Angeles next month. Details on that trip in due course.

After attending the GO! Network meeting Tuesday morning (17 July) in downtown St. Louis, I was home getting ready for that night's IPMS/Gateway meeting. I had the fellowship hall at Calvary Presbyterian Church ready by 6:15 pm, when the first attendees arrived. We started the meeting early, at 7:00 pm (rather than the usual 7:30), to have the annual Slam Fest. Modelers had two hours (7 to 9 pm) to build and finish a model, after which it would be judged by meeting attendees, each of whom would select the best model. I did Glencoe's 1:72 scale MG sports car, which was one of four Slam Fest models entered this year. It took third place, and I won a $5 gift certificate from CRM Hobbies for that.

This meeting also had the Same Kit Contest, in which club members built Pegasus Models' 1:48 scale Bf 109G-6 E-Z Snapz kit. There were nine models that were entered; thirteen modelers signed up for this back in February. My Bf 109G-6 used after-market decals. (This was an out-of-the-box contest.) Although mine didn't win, I was happy with the effort.

I'm off to a St. Louis Transplants Meetup tonight in the Central West End. Should be interesting.