15 March 2013

Good Week at Work

I'm off today, but I worked the four previous days (Mon., 11 March through Thu., 14 March) at the car rental firm. This included an all-day session on Monday, plus half days the other three days. Fortunately, there was plenty to do, between cleaning and prepping rental vehicles, picking up and dropping off customers, and getting vehicles to and from our satellite locations. I could have done without the cold weather much of this week, but at least the work days went well.

Earlier today, I watched on TV the Saint Louis University Billikens win their first game in the Atlantic 10 Conference Tournament in Brooklyn, New York. SLU beat Charlotte 72-55 in the quarterfinals today, and play in tomorrow's semifinal against the Butler-LaSalle winner. Go Billikens!


10 March 2013

Drawing Blood and Blowing the Whistle

I'm pretty much recovered now from the loss of an hour early this morning with the switch to Daylight Savings Time.

A week ago Thursday (28 Feb.), I was at the Missouri Aviation Historical Society meeting at Creve Coeur Airport, where I took in an interesting presentation on the history of aircraft instruments. I also turned in my article with photos for the society's newsletter. No firm idea when the article will run, though.

The following Saturday (2 March), I co-hosted the monthly program Writer's Block from Naturally Autistic Radio, which is streamed through blogtalkradio.com. Host Tim Pylypiuk and I talked about the writing behind video games--rather out of my depth, but I did my best to go along. We'll have a new episode on Sat., 6 April at 10 am pacific Time (12 pm Central Time; 1800 hrs GMT). I was at the Scott Gallagher Complex in Maryland Heights the next day (3 Mar.) to officiate under 14 boys' soccer games. I was scheduled to run lines on both games, but I was asked to referee the second match, which I did. The games went fine and I really didn't feel as fusty as I feared in my first outdoor matches since last November.

Busy week of work this past week, including pulling in all-day shifts (with a lunch break) on two days. We're had a change in personnel in my branch, so the manager is trying to figure out for myself and my colleagues our schedules. Still, I don't mind the work; a few extra hours means a few extra dollars in my account.

Last Wednesday morning (6 Mar.), I went to a lab to have some blood drawn for tests ordered by my doctor the week before. I don't know the results yet, but I did not have any ill effects from the test.

Yesterday (9 Mar.), after working at the car rental branch that morning, I was at The World Cafe in south St. Louis for the Human Sexuality and Relationships in the 21st Century (HSR21) Meetup. They had a discussion focused on answering questions about sexuality. I could only stay about an hour, as I had to get home and get ready for work that night. At the Soccer Park, I officiated three boys under 12 8v8 games (including one middle). All games went well.

This afternoon, I attended the visitation for Steven Hunsicker, Sr., who died three days ago. His son Steve was my Saint Louis University classmate, and the elder Hunsicker was my dad's colleague at Southwestern Bell Telephone. Steve was very happy to see me and others from our SLU days who came to express their condolences.