01 November 2012

A Weekend of Refereeing, and the Campaign Homestretch

Last Saturday morning (27 Oct.), I was at the SLYSA Complex in St. Charles for three u14 games. I worked the middle on the first and third matches, both for girls. The games went well, and the weather was real nice (sunny, temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s Fahrenheit). The man refereeing the second game of the set was getting an informal assessment, so I tried to help him as much as possible.

After showering, changing, and eating, I was at the Scott Sifton campaign headquarters in Affton for a rally, that included Governor Jay Nixon and other statewide Democratic candidates. It was a thrill to be in the room (which was full) and to meet the governor and other dignitaries. It made my campaign work feel more worthwhile and I was more pumped to finish the campaign.

The next afternoon at the Scott Gallagher Complex, I was working three under 14 girls' games, including one middle. They went well with no real issues to have to deal with.

Taking care of myself, I got a flu shot at Walgreens on Monday morning (29 Oct.), and was out canvassing for Sen. Claire McCaskill that afternoon. I did more canvassing for McCaskill Tuesday late morning-early afternoon, and again this afternoon. I'm still confident McCaskill will pull off re-election this coming Tuesday.

After canvassing on Tuesday, I decided to switch cell phone service and phones. After having been on a contract basis with CREDO Mobile for 2 1/2 years, I switched to Virgin Mobile's monthly no-contract service. This is primarily for cost reasons. Also, I got with the program and selected a smart phone to go with the service. After a delay in making sure my CREDO service was ended, my smart phone was activated yesterday afternoon. It's taking me a while to get used to it, but I think this will work out very nicely for me.

I was at MERS Goodwill in south St. Louis County Wednesday afternoon (31 Oct.) to talk with their director about vocational rehabilitation services. They would like to help me find some part time job to tide me over until I can find the full time work I seek. It was a good, frank meeting and I look forward to working with them on my job search. That night, I was on the Sifton phone bank. The campaign staff is feeling good about his chances on Tuesday.

Tomorrow afternoon, I interview for a part time, seasonal job with a department store. I hope I get it--it would be a boost to my finances!