31 December 2008

A New Beginning, as this year ends

I found out this morning that Journalspace, the host of my old blog My Journal (http://nevert.journalspace.com) is no more. Their files were lost and count not be reclaimed. So, now I will make this my prime blog. I'm sorry to everyone who has lost their blogs at Journalspace.

Christmas last week went well. It was just my parents and I at home, but we had a good holiday. Got a few presents from my parents, including: new underwear (t-shirts and briefs); a Barnes & Noble gift card, and two casual shirts. My brother Doug (who drew me in the gift exchange among my brothers) gave me a Barnes & Noble gift certificate, via e-mail. I have some good ideas about what to apply the certificate to. In that exchange, I gave Brian an iTunes gift card.

I refereed futsal games last Saturday and Sunday afternoons. They went well, although in one game I cautioned a coach for dissent after he got a little too uppity for this game's good. I'm back to refereeing outdoors this weekend.

No plans for New Year's Eve, except for staying at home. My parents and I are going to lunch at a Chinese & Vietnamese restaurant in this area, which we have had lunch at in the past and enjoy a lot. Turner Classic Movies is running the "That's Entertainment!" movies tonight, so I plan to watch some of those. I also plan to watch CNN's coverage from New York's Times Square.

I also hope to hear back soon on some jobs I applied for in recent weeks, which are in the public relations field. If anyone reading this knows of some people for me to network with in either PR or publications editing, please let me know.

That's it for now. I hope all of you have a very Happy New Year. May 2009 bring you much joy and prosperity.

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