21 January 2009

These past few days

I'm trying to catch up to life since these past few days. I had plans to attend an ice skating party Friday night, but our group cancelled the event due to lack of interest and no one in the group informed me. The counselor working with this group apologized to me today by phone and said it was a mixup (they forgot my contact info). They'll try again next month with an outing to be announced.
In refereeing, I had futsal games Saturday night, soccer games Sunday mid-morning to early afternoon, and futsal that night. It's generally been going well so far this winter.
Monday, on the MLK Holiday, I joined with about 50 other Democrats (volunteers in the Obama campaign) at Jefferson Barracks Medical Center, a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in St. Louis, where we served lunch to patients there. A button box (accordion) band performed for them and we gave away attendance prizes. Very nice to do and made me glad to do some sort of public service on the day we honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Yesterday, I joined a crowd of about 1,000 people at the Moolah Theatre in St. Louis to watch the Inauguration of Barack Obama projected on the movie screen. It was a great moment to witness, even if the Chief Justice did flub part of the oath he administered to Obama. It was a grand day. It would have been nice to have been in Washington, DC for this, but am glad to be here in St. Louis.
Last night, I opened up the meeting room for the IPMS Gateway meeting. We had our annual Swap & Sell, which draws a big crowd for us, and kit auction to benefit the club. Also at this meeting was the elections for 2009 club oficers, postponed from last month. (Weather forced cancellation of the December meeting.) I will relinquish the Secretary position I've held the past two years at the business meeting next week. It has been good to have served in that role, but am glad to let another member take over.
I almost forgot. Last Thursday, I went to Geek Squad at Best Buy to have my computer looked at. The visuals on the monitor didn't look right that morning. The Geek Squad technician adjusted the settings and it is running good as new. He said the updated monitor driver was conflicting with the Windows Vista operating system software; apparently Vista frequently has these kinds of problems. I browsed among the DVDs at Best Buy when a customer service rep asked if I had a cell phone. I said yes and he wondered if he could check to see if I was eligible for a free cell phone upgrade. I did, and -- to make a long story short -- I got a new cell phone, one with a slide out QWERTY keyboard for easier text messaging. I've been getting used to the new phone since then, but like it quite a bit.
That's it for the moment. Talk to you again soon.

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