07 March 2009

Rays of hope

I'm off to referee soccer tonight and (after a short turnaround time at home) tomorrow morning. Looks like we may get some showers tonight and tomorrow. At least it will be mild in temperature.
The trivia night one week ago was neat. My parents and I went and we had a fun time. The hall was packed and our referee association raised quite a bit of money for the Disabled Athlete Sports Association. I had soccer games (start of the spring season) on late Sunday afternoon and evening. They were fine.
I went to a networking event last Monday night and it was interesting. It was at Sol Lounge in west St. Louis and it was crowded. Still, I did meet up with a few folks to possibly connect with for career opportunities. I stopped by a career fair at Saint Louis University the next day. Not much that interested me, so I didn't spend much time there. I went home, and then ran the IPMS St. Louis meeting that night.
The US Census Bureau called me on Wednesday to offer me a temporary job working on the 2010 Census, for which I had recently tested. I accepted and the training session is at the end of March and beginning of April, followed by about eight weeks of door-to-door surveying. Could be very interesting.
I had two games I officiated Thursday night and I had to write a report before I went to bed. I sent off one player for his second caution of the match (he encroached on an opponent's free kick, after I had just cautioned that same player for dissent). It was not a night for enjoyable soccer. Hopefully, this weekend's games will be much better.
On a brighter note, I got an e-mail Thursday afternoon from someone I met at a networking event a few weeks back. She said that a wholesaler was looking for a communications specialist, and she knew that firm's marketing director. I applied for it right away, using her name, and got a call the next morning inviting me to an interview. That will take place this Wednesday. Stay tuned. Wish me luck!
Take care & stay dry! Later.

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