22 April 2009

A pause before resuming the canvassing

Monday morning, I completed my last south St. Louis County area to be canvassed for the US Census Bureau. Our group of canvassers in the Mehlville/Oakville/Lemay area got through our areas in two weeks. Hundreds of residences checked. Few problems, and they were easily solved for the most part. After about two days off, I'm back to canvassing today, this time in an area north of here. I'll get the details later this morning. Looks like about two more weeks of this canvass for sure.
A good thing about this job has been the nice pay. Thanks to this, I'm getting my credit cards paid off. I just sent in a payment yesterday that clears the outstanding balance from one card, which had the highest interest rate. I've already mapped out the cards I owe based on interest rate, and hope to make major progress over the next few weeks.
Had some games to referee Saturday night. The last one, where I was in the middle, was terminated with just over one minute left, due to lightning. One team was up 4-2 at that point, and that result may stand as far as the league goes. Overnight rain washed out Sunday's games. I have some games coming up this weekend.
It's going to be a busy weekend. I hope to hit the Greater St. Louis Book Fair at West County Center. It's the 60th book fair, which benefits nursery charities in Metro St. Louis, and is a source for long out of print books, records and tapes, all at low prices. Also this weekend is the annual World War II Weekend at Jefferson Barracks County Park. Some 300 reinactors will gather to act out small unit combat in the war, plus give visitors an idea of what it was like being a soldier in that time. Two friends of mine will likely be there, but I may be pinched for time, due to my games.
Last Saturday, I went to the memorial service in Ferguson, Missouri for my friend John Brooks, who died last month. He was in my scale modeling clubs and was quite an interesting fellow. He used to work for McDonnell Douglas and had a lot of good info on their aircraft, which John supplied to scale model kit manufacturers. He also shared inside info from the kit makers with us modelers on upcoming releases. John had health problems in recent years and died on the operating table. Still, it was sad to see another friend from this hobby go so soon from this life. I'll be sure to say hi to him in the great scale modeling room in the sky.
That's it for now. Take care and talk to you son.

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