16 June 2009

Some satisfaction of late

Last week, two most interesting things happened. Wednesday morning, I went to The Creative Group office in downtown St. Louis to update their info on me (not having worked an assignment for them in over one year) and to be quickly briefed about the assignment for me. That afternoon, I reported to the client's supervisor to be given a catalog for proofreading. The client also gave me their style sheet, where they deviated from the standard styles for written items (such as AP and Chicago Manual of Style, both of which I'm familiar with). I came home to find my cousin Bertice Brown and her husband Ed at home with my parents. They drove up from their home in Birmingham, Alabama, on their way to Colorado to see their youngest daughter, Emily. My parents saw them when my Aunt Margaret Knowles (Dad's sister, Bertice's mother) died last year, but I had not seem the Browns for just over 20 years. They are doing well and they very much appreciated our hospitality, even if a stormy night livened things a bit. Bertice and Ed drove off the next morning.
I got down to work on the proofreading assignment, wich I completed late Friday morning. Mid-afternoon, the client asked me to come to their office with the proof copy, which I did. The supervisor greatly appreciated my work, telling me (as she looked over the document with my proofing marks) how this was just what she wanted in a proofreading. She signed my timesheet and thanked me for a super job. I asked her to please let me know if she heard of any jobs fitting my experience and skills, or people I should network with, and she said she would. I got the timesheet faxed in at a office supply store's print shop.
Last weekend was rather quiet. No games then, or this weekend. I'll be back on the 28th with a pair of games to referee.
Last night, I went to a house meeting in Affton of some concerned citizens and Obama supporters. We (about 10 of us) gathered to discuss health care reform and what we want. Several of us told of how they are being brought to financial hardship, if not ruin, by high health insurance payments and treatment costs (office visits, prescriptiuons). Our consensus was that we should let our members of Congress know that they should stand with the people and not the lobbyists for the health insurance firms. The American people want to make sure everyone is covered and all at affordable costs across the board. You can find out more on this issue and what you can do to help at http://www.barackobama.com/
I have IPMS Gateway meeting tonight at Calvary Presbyterian Church. I'll be at the fellowship hall early to get it set up for the meeting. Just a reminder that our club is hosting the 2009 Gateway to the West Invitational model contest and swap meet on Sat., 12 September at Hitters Choice Cages in Eureka, Missouri. For more info on that and our club, visit http://ipms-gateway.com/
That's it for now. See you all soon.

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