30 August 2009

Just a short note

I had a busy week at the temp job. Put in a bit of overtime, including time yesterday (Saturday) morning. Looks like this job is going well and the project should end early next month. We'll see how much of this week I'll be needed.
Yesterday afternoon, I retrieved some models I had in the display cases at the Prairie Commons Branch, St. Louis County Library in Hazelwood. They were part of a display IPMS Gateway had this past month in that library. We did have one person who came to our meeting this month who found out about us from that display. Speaking of IPMS Gateway, the club hosts its 2009 Gateway to the West Invitational on Sat., 12 Sept. at Hitters' Choice Cages in Eureka, MO. You can get details on that event at
That's it for now. Hope you have a great week.

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