17 August 2009

Meeting a friend, and a day of soccer refereeing

Work has been going well, although a bit slow of late. Looks like we're pretty much caught up on our project to this point. Good in that sense. May have reduced hours this week.
Last Thursday (13 Aug.), I had a meeting and tea with Llynda Walker (nee Combs), one of my Mehlville High classmates. We had not seen each other since we graduated back in 1982. Llynda's now married and living in western Virginia, but was in town last week to meet spend time with family and friends. She was a fine gal in high school, who sang beautifully in Special Chorus, and is still a fine gal. We wished each other all the best in our lives.
Saturday, I got back into soccer refereeing with a girls' friendly tournament in Cottleville, Missouri, hosted by the Tony Glavin Soccer Club. I worked four games that day, and my lack of fitness showed, as I had a cramp in my right calf during the third game I worked. However, I did my best around it and completed my assignments (although I was relieved as assistant referee early in the second half of the third game in question). Being a friendly-oriented tournament helped, in that the intensity of play was not that would be found in regular tournament play.
Back to the job: I am glad for this work, in that the pay is enabling me to pay off my credit card debt. I should have that all paid off in full by month's end. What a relief!
Been also tuning up for the IPMS Gateway to the West Invitational in Eureka, Missouri on Sat., 12 September. I have sent show flyers to several area hobby shops, and posted notices on several local online community calendars. These include: stltoday.com, toastedrav.com, kwmu.org, and kmov.com. Hope to see you at the show. For more info, visit http://ipms-gateway.com

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