29 October 2009

A cold rain keeps falling

It's been raining a lot here in St. Louis this month, and the past few days have been no exception. Before the rain lets up tomorrow night, we may have around 3 inches of rain in this latest surge. Wet! Not having much fun at home now. Feel real draggy. I hope I can pick it up by this weekend, when I'm refereeing in a girls' tournament.
Speaking of refereeing, I worked a few games this past week. That included the middle on a under-17 girls' match Sunday afternoon. It was OK -- not real interesting, and no real hassles -- and I passed the maintenance assessment given of my work then. No major faults found by the assessor, just a few minor things to work on. I'm almost done with registration for 2010. Just have to take and pass the written test, which I can do online. Plan to do that later today.
Friday night was special at Mehlville High. The football game at home vs. St. Louis U. High was the benefit for Operation Ozzy. The school and its alumni were paying tribute to Mehlville's Number 1 fan, Tim (Ozzy) Osborn, who had fallen on hard times in recent years (unemployed and homeless). Thanks to a group of Mehlville High alumni on Facebook, we were able to track Osborn down (a classmate of mine, a St. Louis Police officer, found Osborn on the street), get him a place to live and some part time work, and set up a trust fund for him. I was so happy and proud to be a part of this effort. I remember Ozzy well from my student days, when he cheered on the Panthers from his seat.
That's it for now. Rain, rain, go away!

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