01 October 2009

Recent accomplishments

Sorry I haven't written sooner, but I was kept busy by my recent temp job. The insurer was rushing to finish their project by the end of September, and we did so. At least, as far as proofreaders like me were concerned, it was done last Sunday, 27 September. I and other proofreaders and production artists joined the client's staff to put in some overtime over the past month, including weekends, to get the tailored documents proofread and corrected in print. They were most appreciative of what we temps did for this project, and I for one was very happy and honored to have contributed to the success of this project. They plan to keep us on file for future projects. I appreciate that; they are a fine company to work for and these are some very good people to work with.
In between all that, I was able to help at the IPMS Gateway to the West Invitational on Sat., 12 Sept. in Eureka. There was a pretty nice crowd at Hitters' Choice Cages for this event. About the same attendance and number of model entries as last year -- I have to think the recession has to do with that -- but the club made money on it, all vendor tables were wold, and there were some real nice entries in the model contest, which I helped to judge. Overall, a fine time was had by all.
Last weekend, Rick came up from Austin for a few days, with Alex (his soon-to-be-officially adopted 4-year-old son) in tow. They spent some time sightseeing, visiting Rick's friends, and having fun with my parents and I. They flew back to Austin on Monday.
That's it for now. Looking ahead Mehlville High's Homecoming this Friday night, and to my soccer referee fitness test this Sunday morning.

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