23 April 2010

A busy weekend, then a calm week

Early Saturday morning, I drove to Liberty, Missouri (northeast of Kansas City) for the IPMS West Central Missouri Model Fest show. It was very nice, with a new show high for attendees, contest entries (about 400), and vendors. I helped judge two armor categories and had a fine time there. I also got to meet some IPMS members from the Kansas City, Wichita and Des Moines areas who were at the show, and plug the IPMS Gateway Invitational this September. I drove home that night.
The next morning, I was at Jefferson Barracks Park refereeing Latin American Soccer League men's games. These were my first games in this league's season, and I was a bit apprehensive going in. They went pretty well, although the first game (my middle) did test my game control skills considerably.
Tuesday night, I ran the IPMS Gateway general meeting, where I gave a report on the Kansas City show and heard about the display we put on last Saturday at a veteran's home in St. Louis County. That display went real well and may lead to more projects involving those veterans.
Not much else happening this week, but got a call yesterday from my Census Bureau crew leader reminding me about the first training session this Tuesday morning. Looking forward to some full time work for a few weeks.

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