24 June 2010

Scoring in Additional Time

Yesterday, I was in the crowd at O.B. Clark's in Brentwood to watch the USA-Algeria game in the FIFA World Cup on TV. Our rather large crowd had many ups and downs of emotions, until Landon Donovan's late goal won it for the Stars and Stripes. Talk about pandemonium! The crowd erupted in shouts, cheers, and high fives. What a heart-stopping game and what a fun time it was to catch the action with a bunch of fellow soccer fans. Now, it's on the the Round of 16 vs. Ghana on Saturday. Go USA!
Last weekend, I stayed inside as much as possible. Saturday, I was in Troy, Illinois for a IPMS Gateway Meet & Greet at A&R Paints & Crafts. There were five of us there for about four hours, working on models and meeting with customers to promote our club and hobby. It went very well, I thought, and the shop owner was sure pleased to have us.
I did venture outside on Sunday, refereeing men's soccer that afternoon. My middle was a rough one, with one team fouling and otherwise causing mischief, and the other team complaining all game. I had to make a report on the players I sent off, which I duly sent in the next day to the league office.
Back to IPMS Gateway: I hosted the monthly business meeting last Tuesday. That was fine, with much discussion of our upcoming Invitational in September. Yesterday, I was at Pujols 5 Westport Cafe for a Fair Saint Louis volunteer rally. I received my volunteer shirt and my assignment for the fair: vendor services, on Sunday morning, 4 July. I helped sell beer and soda last year, so this should be no big problem for me. Looking forward to the fair on the Gateway Arch grounds 3-4 July.

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