02 August 2010

Good Signs

Some recent events have been good ones for me. On the weekend of 23-25 July, I had dinner and happy hour with the Stress Free Fridays crowd at Copia Urban Winery on Washington Ave. in downtown St. Louis, and lunch the next day with the Livin' Life to the Fullest MeetUp Group at Growlers Pub in Sunset Hills. Both were good experiences and I highly recommend both venues.
I did some political phone banking recently, in advance of tomorrow's primary election and looking ahead to the general election in November. Last Tuesday, 27 July, I ran the IPMS Gateway business meeting, which Doug Barton hosted at his house in Forestell, Missouri. This meeting went very well and some important club business was discussed.
Thursday, I interviewed for a part-time political canvassing job in St. Louis County. When I got back from that interview in Clayton, I received an e-mail about a full time job I had applied for the day before. The e-mail said the HR agency acting for the client I applied for wanted to do a phone interview with me, which I did the next morning. It was a success and I have a second interview in person with that client this Thursday morning. Wish me luck!
Thursday night, I went downtown to see Chuck Berry perform in Kiener Plaza. I had to leave the show early, to rest up before the phone interview, but my car had overheating problems. I limped into a gas station and called AAA Emergency Road Service, which came and towed my car to a servicing place. The next morning, that servicing place called me to say the car needed repairs to the radiator fan and related items, which I told them to do. It was ready later that morning, but it set me back a few hundred dollars. Ouch! However, it had to be done.
Saturday morning, I picked up my models from the IPMS Gateway display this past month at the Jefferson County Library branch in High Ridge, and delivered them to our display this month at the St. Louis County Library's Prairie Commons Branch in Hazelwood. Looks like we'll have another nice display to promote our hobby, our club, and our upcoming Invitational.
Yesterday morning and early afternoon, I officiated two men's soccer games at DeSoto Park in St. Louis. The games went fine -- they were both one-sided in the scores, but not too much trouble among the players.
That's it for now. Later.

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