28 November 2010

Seeing Family & Being Thankful

This past week, my brothers Rick and Doug came to town for Thanksgiving. Doug and his girlfriend Helen flew in from Los Angeles last Wednesday. It was the first time I met Helen, and she's a very nice young woman. Rick, his wife Melissa and their son Alex drove up from Charleston, South Carolina and arrived later on Wednesday. Brian, my third brother, could not make it, as his sister-in-law is very ill and instead went to her parents in law in Wisconsin for the holiday.
We had a nice time, with Mom preparing turkey & company for us. We also got to see some friends and relatives of Rick, Melissa, and Doug for a while. Both brothers headed back home yesterday. It was real good seeing them, and for them seeing my parents and I.
Also last week, I received two copies of the inaugural issue of Naturally Autistic magazine. This is the publication of ANCA Consulting, Inc. for which I edited and fact checked articles earlier this year. The magazine looks real nice and I am proud and happy to see my work in print for others to see. ANCA's working on the next issue already, and should have some items for me to edit from mid-December.
Wrapped up the fall outdoor season a week ago today. Games in the final weeks went well. Last week, took in the futsal recertification clinic. Quite a few changes in the laws to know. I'll take the online test this week to get recertified. The new futsal season gets underway this coming weekend. I'll also have some outdoor winter league games starting next month.
Scale modeling activities are fine. Haven't been back to working on my latest project in awhile, due to other things happening. Ran the IPMS Gateway general and business meetings the past two weeks. Elections for 2011 officers are on tap for next month. I'm willing to run again for president.
With Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror, Christmas is on its way. My brothers and I agreed to a gift exchange, so we only have to buy for one brother instead of all three. My wish list is already made out. This week, I need to get my Christmas card list finalized and my Christmas newsletter done.
Also, I need to get moving on finishing to type up and save on disc the manuscript and photo captions for a new book a friend is writing. I hope to get this all done by the end of next week at the latest.
That's it for now. Take care. Later.

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