09 February 2011

Another Year Older, and -- What?

I celebrated my birthday two days ago. Yes, I'm another year older, although my friend Beth McSpadden continues to insist I'm still a young chicken. It was a low-key day for me, although my parents took me out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse that night. That was nice, and we had cake when we came back home. Yes, I did blow out some candles on the cake before it was cut.
The day before, my Dad and I shopped by Best Buy. My parents decided to give me a TV set as a birthday gift, so we picked out a nice 22 inch LCD set. Not that the 19 inch tube set I've had for the past about 9 years was terrible, but it was nice to be able to upgrade to a set that would show HD programs to full effect. I used it to watch the Super Bowl and some old movies on Sunday night. The next morning, I turned on the TV, only it did not get the channel. We called the cable company and they sent a technician the next morning. Strangly, he found it was a matter of the output setting on the TV's remote control. D'oh! So obviously simple, yet under the radar for me. I noted down which setting to use for TV viewing and for playing and recording DVDs. Additionally, I bought an HDMI cable to hook up the TV to the cable box, for better HD reception.
Before all that, I got through another week of cold and snow-covered ground. Got some scale modeling done, with two models nearing completion for the IPMS/Gateway contest next week. Friday night, I enjoyed Stress Free Fridays at Ginger Bistro in the Delmar Loop. The next afternoon, I made a brief stop at Webster University to watch the first half of the men's basketball game vs. MacMurray and to take in the halftime ceremony, in which four former student-athletes were inducted into the university's athletic hall of fame. I chatted with two of the inductees, who I knew when I worked there 20 years ago, and with several other former student-athletes and student managers that I knew from then. I got back home, changed, and refereed youth futsal in St. Peters that night.
Sunday morning last, I was at church -- this time as an usher. I had never done this in a long time, but my parents and a few others said I did well. I may do more such ushering in the future, my schedule permitting.

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