28 March 2011

Strange Weather of Late

A week ago, it was above 70 degrees F here in St. Louis; however, by Sunday morning, it was freezing with 3 inches of snow on the ground. What gives here? Strange spring weather.
It was a rather quiet week. I did work on a car model I'm aiming to complete for the May IPMS/Gateway contest. I've got the body painted and gloss coated for decals to apply on it tomorrow. I ran the IPMS/Gateway business meeting last Tuesday night, in which we got the April meeting planned and discussed a bit of other club business. Thursday night and Sunday afternoon, I worked a phone bank for Jake Zimmerman's campaign for St. Louis County Assessor in the April 5 election. I'm working for the Zimmerman campaign now, and will be doing phone bank and other get out the vote efforts between now and next Tuesday's vote.
Friday night, I was at Level 2 in University City for Stress Free Fridays. They had a raffle to help someone with his medical bills. I got lucky and won a T-shirt and a bottle opener. Not big prizes, of course, but it's the thought that counts.
Got in a bit of shopping at CRM Hobbies last Saturday afternoon, as well as dropping off flyers for the IPMS/Gateway Invitational, which were most welcome by the shop.
Hope we have some improved weather this week, especially with the Cardinals' home opener Thursday afternoon.
(The self-taken photo was of me on the front porch Saturday afternoon.)

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