24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Today is Thanksgiving Day here in the USA. It's been going well for me. My three brothers came into town Monday with their significant others in tow. My parents have all their sons and grandkids here and that makes this most special. I know I'm thankful for a family that's been most supportive in recent years.

The brothers and their significant others will be in town for a few more days, so I look forward to more time with them.

Last Friday night (18 Nov.), I was a volunteer at the St. Louis International Film Festival (SLIFF), working at Washington University's Brown Hall. It was a family-friendly night, with five shorts from the "Little Vampire" series, followed by a presentation by the producers of the animated series "Voltron Force." I acted as an usher for this event, as I did two nights before at Webster University. I really enjoyed this stint and look forward to helping out at future SLIFFs.

Last Saturday and Sunday, I was at St. Louis U. High's football field to referee youth soccer games. It was the last weekend of the fall outdoor season. The two games Saturday morning went fine, although we (fellow officials, coaches, players and a few parents) had to help clean up and set up the field for soccer. (It hosted a high school football player off game the night before.) Sunday's two games were OK, although one of the assigned officials didn't show up. We used a club linesman to round out the crew and the games went well, although the rain and wind that day didn't make it feel so good.

Saturday night I was at DePaul Health Center in Bridgeton for the IPMS/Gateway banquet, which was held at the hospital's Archbishop May Center. I was master of ceremonies for the event, which started with an open bar followed by a buffet dinner. After a brief speech recapping the past year in our club, I presented our Modeler of the Year and Bob Stroup (Outstanding Achievement) Awards. Both went to Tom Bogacki, and I was most happy presenting him with these well deserved awards. After that, we attendees socialized for a while longer. It was long enough for me to be introduced to some of the ladies that served us that night. Danette George (wife of long-time club member Mike George) did the intros, specifically selling me as an eligible man to a couple of eligible women among the hospitality staff. I just might find Ms. Right yet!

Tuesday night, I got away from family long enough to host the IPMS/Gateway business meeting, which was held at the Library at Calvary Presbyterian Church (mere steps from the fellowship hall, where our general meetings are held.) The meeting didn't last too long, but enough to plan the December meeting and discuss a bit of club business.

I hope all my fellow Americans have a great Thanksgiving. Take care.


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