04 January 2012

Into the New Year of 2012

Last Friday (30 December 2011), I was at Mike George's house for the IPMS/Gateway business meeting, my last as president. The meeting was held on that Friday, rather than the previous Tuesday as normal, due to an idea by Mike's wife Danette (aka Danny). She thought a Friday night would be better for allowing the wives and girlfriends to socialize with her while the meeting was held in the basement. A few wives and girlfriends did show up. The old and new board members were in attendance, as we planned the first meetings of 2012, then I handed the presidency to Tom Bogacki. It was nice and the only concern I had was being able to put the car in reverse gear. I had a problem doing so as I tried to pull into Mike's driveway. Bob Fisher, a club member who worked at an auto plant, suggested I may have some dirt or other object in the transmission that inhibited it going into reserve. (It was no problem with the rest of the transmission functions.) After I got home, I drove it the next day and the reserve gear worked OK. Still, I should have someone look at it soon.

New Year's Eve was low key. I visited Dad at St. Anthony's Medical Center, where we was recovering from his recent fall at home. Mom was with him for much of the time he was a patient. I stayed up at home to call into Naturally Autistic Radio's New Year's Eve show. I was on the line for about an hour, finally signing off around 1:30 am as I was nodding off. I went to bed soon after. The next day, I co-hosted the monthly Writer's Block program on Naturally Autistic Radio, where host Tim Pylypiuk and I discussed writing genres and new media twists on these genres. You can listen to the archived program here: http://www.naturallyautistic.com/radio-show/. Starting in February, Writer's Block moves to the first SATURDAY at 12 pm Pacific Time (2 pm Central Time; 2000 hours GMT).

Yesterday morning, Mom and I drove to the hospital to pick Dad up. He's at home now and will finish his rehab here. Dad is going OK under the circumstances. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers for us during this time.

Last night, I ran the IPMS/St. Louis meeting at Thornhill Branch Library in Creve Coeur. We finally elected a secretary/treasurer and a vice-president, settling an impasse dating back to last summer. Several completed and in-progress models were displayed, plus we took down the display we had in the library's lobby display case for the past month. I also briefed the members about upcoming events and releases from hobby companies.

Take care and here's wishing you all a very happy, peaceful and prosperous 2012. Later.

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