05 April 2012

Summer Comes Early; Worries About Dad

I have concluded that Summer 2012 arrived last week. Proof of that was last weekend, when I refereed games in the St. Louis Scott Gallagher College Showcase tournament. Saturday afternoon (31 March), I worked three matches at Soccer Park in Fenton. They generally went well, with my middle (in under-15 boys) a rather cracker match, a 1-0 result that could have gone rather differently. The next day (April Fool's Day) found me at the Scott Gallagher Complex in Maryland Heights for two matches. The last one was played with temperatures in the upper 80s F, with competition that was hot to match. Fortunately, the match did end well.

I got my hair cut last Monday. Nothing fancy, as usual; just a professional looking, low-maintenance hairstyle. I was at the GO! Network workshop in St. Louis the next morning, where I learned some new stuff (at least to me) on interview preparation and execution. That night, I ran the IPMS/St. Louis meeting at Thornhill Branch Library, which went well.

Mom and I have been worrying about Dad's health a lot lately. He's taken to sitting in his family room lounge chair a lot and he's often slept in that chair as well. Dad has been rather weak and not eating much of late. Naturally, Mom and I are concerned and hoping things pick up for Dad soon.

I should add that tomorrow (Friday, 6 April) will be Mom and Dad's 49th Wedding Anniversary.

Rather quiet this Easter weekend, with no soccer games to work, but I will be hosting this month's Writer's Block from Naturally Autistic Radio. The hour-long show on writing and editing from the autistic perspective airs through Blog Talk Radio. Our show comes on at 12 pm Pacific Time (2 pm Central Time; 2000 hours GMT) this Saturday. Info at www.naturallyautistic.com/radio-show. Hope you can tune in and tell your family and friends.

Happy Easter, my fellow Western Christians, and Happy Passover, my Jewish friends.


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